Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play Alberto Falcone In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

As with most Dark Knight Rises stories, it's necessary to repeat this up front: what follows is a rumor. Something fun to discuss and speculate about on the off chance it's true. This rumor is particularly fishy because it comes from an "anonymous source" which could mean anything from "Christopher Nolan's assistant" to "Batman fan living in Poughkeepsie, New York."

The latest rumor is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who we know has been cast in the film, will be portraying Alberto Falcone, the son of former mob boss Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson), a major villain in Batman Begins. This makes infinitely more sense than previous rumors that Gordon-Levitt would play The Riddler or Robin because it fits so well with Christopher Nolan's trilogy. Falcone is related to a character mentioned in the previous two films and he's also rumored to be Holiday, the main villain in one of Nolan's favorite and most referenced Batman stories: The Long Halloween. Read more after the jump.

Update: Apparently, this rumor got started by Jim Vejvoda over at IGN and he was purely speculating. CBM has since taken down the original article. Original article follows.

This rumor was started over at Comic Book Movie where they reported the news from an anonymous source. The report said The Dark Knight Rises will feature Alberto Falcone coming back to Gotham to try and reclaim the city Batman helped take from his father. That certainly sounds like it could fit in with Nolan's story, plus it even has a place for Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) because in the series Catwoman: When in Rome, Kyle believes Carmine Falcone was her father. Do brother and sister team up? And where does Bane (Tom Hardy) fit in?

But just because this could potentially fit with Nolan's story doesn't mean it will. We all remember how convinced we were that Dr. Hugo Strange was in the film because of how nicely his story dovetailed with the end of The Dark Knight. As it stands now, Strange is probably just in a video game.

So, taking this rumor with the huge grain of salt it deserves, do you think it's plausible? Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt going to be Alberto Falcone, Robin, Edward Nigma or someone totally separate?