New 'Red State' Clip Features Oscar Front-Runner Melissa Leo

On Tuesday, writer director Kevin Smith did a live chat with MTV News in which he discussed a variety of topics including possibly bringing back a few of his old friends for his next film, Hit Somebody. He also came armed with an exclusive clip from his upcoming film Red State. This 55 second clip features multiple award-winning and Best Supporting Actress front runner Melissa Leo as well as three of the actors who Smith plans to bring back for Hit Somebody: Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner and Nicholas Braun.

Having seen the film at Sundance (read my review here) we can put this clip in context by saying it's from early in the film, doesn't really spoil much, but will leave you mighty curious as to watch happens next. Check it out after the jump.

Thanks to MTV for this clip.

In case you can't live with that clip simply on it's own, I'll go ahead and tell you how it fits into the movie without spoiling too much. But what I'm going to say is going to spoil a little so be forewarned. If you want to just wait, you can buy tickets now for the Red State U.S.A Tour which begins March 5 or wait until the film opens wide on October 19.

Minor spoilers follow:

In the film, the three boys find a girl on a message board who wants to have sex with all three of them at once. They drive to the town of Cooper's Dell to meet her and find Melissa Leo. The clip is a minute or so after that as they all try and take the edge off the awkward situation. What you don't see is that, immediately following the clip, the boys begin to feel woozy and pass out, drugged by the beer. When they wake up, they're not somewhere anyone would want to be.

End Minor spoilers.

So, no matter what you think of Smith's dismissal of the Hollywood marketing machine, does a clip like this, or our reactions to the film, get you curious to see it? Have you bought your tickets yet?