Michael Moore To Make A Fictional Film Next?

Briefly: In one of the many pieces that ran last night about the lawsuit Michael Moore is bringing against the Weinsteins over the profits for Fahrenheit 9/11, there was a minor nugget of info. Deadline says that the Weinsteins were just discussing the filmmaker's next film right up until when the lawsuit was filed. He reportedly "wants to direct a fictional feature film." If that's the case, then this would only be the second time since the sad passing of John Candy that anyone felt tempted to reference Mr. Moore's first fictional film, Canadian Bacon. That was the 1995 comedy where Alan Alda, as the President of the US, tries to start a war with Canada to raise his popularity index.

And, yeah, there is no shortage of jokes to be made about whether or not some of the director's documentaries were fictionalized, but let's keep it clean. Do you want to see a non-documentary from the director?