Does Optimus Prime Have Wings In 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon?'

Once the Super Bowl commercial dust finally settled, it seemed like Transformers: Dark of the Moon got lost in shuffle. Everyone was talking about their love for Super 8 and excitement at finally seeing Captain America: The First Avenger but what about good old Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee? The fact of the matter is we've already seen two Transformers movies and we fully expect director Michael Bay to amp up the action to an even higher degree the third time around. That's what the 30-second spot delivered. We got some enticing little glimpses of new robots and stars and then some final shots of Optimus Prime flying down onto the street, releasing something off his back and then going on an ass-kicking rampage of epic proportions. Expectations met.

But the commercial begged the question, what is going on with Optimus Prime? Does he have wings of something? io9 might have the answer as they've uncovered the official Optimus Prime toy from the film, plus we grabbed a few screen shots like the one above to illustrate.

First, lets look at these images from the trailer. The first one is of something flying into the street.

Next we see that same robot begin to eject from whatever was allowing it to fly.

And voila, it's Optimus Prime! Watch the full trailer by clicking here to see it in motion.

So, yes, it certainly looks like Optimus Prime has wings or some sort of flying device in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But what is it exactly? Thanks to io9, we not only have a much better look at this device, but a description that might just provide all the answers. Ladies and gentleman, the Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime Action Figure will be available this summer for $79.99. Here's the description and photo below:

With the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie, one of the most iconic characters in the Transformers lore will capture the spotlight as his heroic story becomes the focus of the first-ever 3D Transformers movie. Now, an action figure befitting such an icon will be available with the new Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure. The figure includes the Autobot leader's classic trailer that doubles as a weapons arsenal and is an integral part of the figure's converting play pattern. The Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime figure features three modes of conversion – vehicle, robot, and robot with "mech suit." The trailer, which serves as a weapons depot and command center, also converts into a "mech suit" that Optimus Prime shows off when it's time to rumble. Featuring lights, launching projectiles, electronic battle sounds and Optimus Prime phrases, this is the must-have item for kids and fans alike.

So, basically, the robot has another robot that he wears as a battle suit. You can see it much clearer on the toy. Click on the image below to head over to io9 for bigger versions and different angles.

What do you think of Optimus Prime having a whole new layer of mech in Transformers: Dark of the Moon?