First Look At 'Super 8' Creature Hidden In Super Bowl Spot?

Would a trailer for a JJ Abrams film be complete without a cryptic easter egg or two? Let's hope we never have to find out.

In an effort to possibly one-up the viral campaign that launched through the film's teaser trailer, the recent 30-second Super Bowl commercial for the Spielberg-produced, Abrams-directed Super 8 may have managed to sneak in a split-second shot of the alien creature that acts as a catalyst for the film. Find a screengrab of that, along with a couple of other easter eggs from the TV spot, after the break.

As with the aforementioned viral campaign, all of these easter eggs can be found within the flashing images that appear in the camera lens just before the title is revealed.

First up is a glimpse at what's presumably the alien — or more specifically, the lower half of the alien's jaw. Definitely getting a Jurassic Park vibe from this shot.

Next there's a fuzzy shot of a billboard, which features what appears to be a reference to LOST. Can anybody make out anything else on the billboard? Report your findings below.

Lastly, there's an obscured date, which I've flipped upside down. It reads (Septe/Nove/Dece)mber 19, 1962.

If you feel like checking these shots out for yourself, an HD version of the TV spot can be found at Apple.

What do you guys make of all this? Is that a shot of the creature, or is Abrams merely teasing us? What's the significance of the date and billboard? Discuss in the comments.