Mystery 'Superman' Female Role Revealed To Be Kryptonian Villainess

After the intriguing news leaked that actresses Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike were contenders for a role in Zack Snyder's Superman, but that role wasn't Lois Lane, the speculation began to run rampant. Who could these blond beauties play in Metropolis? Well, Latino Review is now exclusively reporting that those ladies are up for the role of a Kryptonian villainess named Ursa. As in General Zod's right hand woman. Read more after the jump.

Latino Review also reports that fans worried about female continuity needn't worry, Lois Lane will be in the film and one can assume the list of actresses we reported on earlier this week are probably up for the role.

As for Ursa, she first appeared in the Richard Donner's Superman and Superman II as one of a trio of Kryptonians, lead by General Zod, who are sentenced to live in the Phantom Zone by Superman's father Jor-El, before breaking out and ending up battling Superman on Earth. Ursa's most noteworthy quality in the films is her hatred of men and that she collects badges/symbols of her kills. She didn't appear in the comic books until only a few years ago.

But if Ursa is actually in the film, the question becomes, did Snyder lie when he said General Zod was not in the film? Ursa and Zod kind of go hand in hand and while initial reports were that he was in the film, Snyder then said he wasn't. But that was four months ago. Maybe things have changed. Or maybe it's just a cameo for a second film, much like the original Donner films.

Either way, Latino Review's report certainly gives fans a whole new perspective on what Zack Snyder's Superman could be. What does the addition of Ursa do to the film? Which actress do you think would be best?