Many New 'Spider-Man' Set Photos Online

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Thanks to another LA shoot, there are a load of new Spider-Man set photos online today. They'll only fuel the debate over whether the costume is pretty good or pretty terrible.

Points of argument so far: what's up with the thin, barely visible spider on his back? Why is his crotch black? And, er, exactly what fighting style is that we're seeing? Kidding about the last one (mostly) but I think what most people are wondering is just how this look will translate to a final version that will be glossed up with CGI, color corrected and so forth. I keep going back to the official promo photo, where the costume looks a lot better than this, and hoping that represents what we'll really see, with all this as just raw material.

A gallery of photos is after the break.

More pics are at HolyMoly, the Daily Mail and PopSugar.

[No photo]