Hugh Jackman And Shawn Levy Re-Teaming For A Film Written By Carlton Cuse

Briefly: Looks as if Hugh Jackman likes the way Real Steel is turning out. News now is that he will do another film with director Shawn Levy after The Wolverine is finished. There isn't much information on the project right now, aside from the fact that it is planned to be an action adventure film. Oh, and Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse is scripting. That might be kind of a big deal, could get a few people interested. This will be the first big feature project for the writer since Lost ended last year.

We'll deliver more news on this one as it becomes available. Expect to start hearing more (like a title, for starters) when the press machinery kicks in for Real Steel. That won't be until September (the film opens October 7) but we might also get some details at Comic Con. Meanwhile, check out the Real Steel trailer if you missed it, and prognosticate about what this team-up might deliver for an encore. So does this mean Mr. Levy won't direct the film version of The Deadliest Warrior? [Deadline]