'The Dark Knight Rises' Script Is 'Phenomenal,' Says DP Wally Pfister; Will Shoot As Much As Possible In IMAX

Christopher Nolan's Director of Photography Wally Pfister has been quoting saying the script for The Dark Knight Rises is "phenomenal." We'll call it The Most Obvious Public Statement of All Time. What else could he say? That the script was crap? Actually, that would have been much bigger news. Still, we're each devouring every tidbit about this movie in such a rabid way, simply knowing the script is out there is exciting by itself.

Pfister also commented on how much of the film they plan to shoot in IMAX, an issue that's been up for debate for a while. Read Pfister's exact quotes and Nolan's instructions to him – which included rewatching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in IMAX – after the jump.

Pfister was on the Kevin and Josh Movie Show (with a nod to First Showing for the heads up) and said the following when asked how Nolan could top The Dark Knight with The Dark Knight Rises.

Plain and simple — he's done it. It's a phenomenal script. He's still in the process of cutting it back because it's a very long script right now, but it's really phenomenal. And he actually had me go back and wanted me to watch, in IMAX, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again. When I watched those I had read the script for The Dark Knight Rises and was like, 'Dude, it is a perfect trilogy.' I think that was his intent, to work off those two pictures — and they are very different pictures. And it's funny, we all had different opinions about which picture we like better.

Of course, you've got to take that with a grain of salt as the guy is going to be shooting the movie and doesn't want to piss off his meal ticket. But adding those statements to the news of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy all joining the cast and The Dark Knight Rises is getting sicker by the minute.

Pfister also commented on the long rumored controversy, mostly started by him, about shooting the film in IMAX.

Our goal is to shoot as much in IMAX as we can. We're going to put in on the screen, and put it on the screen big. And I really encourage everyone to see it in IMAX if they can because we're really going for it this time. In terms of the action, we are all scratching our heads right now trying to figure out how we're going to do it; how we're going to do it in the amount of time we're going to do it in. The opening scene of the movie will blow your mind

Do you trust Pfister's opinion or do you not care? Does it just plain get you excited to hear him say something like that no matter what? Also, how much of the film do you think will end up in IMAX?