LOL: Unused Sundance Film Festival Bumpers Skewer Hollywood

Film festivals almost always have a series of bumpers produced to run before films — 30-second to one-minute shorts that represent the theme of the festival and ease audiences into a film. Jordan Vogt-Roberts was commissioned to make four bumpers for this year's Sundance Film Festival. He did, and each one shows off the slogan ('Be Here') but a couple also poked fun at some of the personalities that show up at the festival.

The bumper quartet was reportedly nixed at the last minute, but you can watch them below.

One is just cute ('Spike'), another ('Flight Attendant') is a good but not great jab at both over-entitled festival attendees and flight attendant Steven Slater. But then one ('Swag Hags') shows us the best vision of Tony Hale ever (the actor was also in the director's film Successful Alcoholics) and the last ('Hollywood Remakes') had me rolling. Best use of auto-tune I've seen in a while. Thanks to Vulture for presenting these.

SpikeFlight AttendantSwag HagsHollywood Remake