'True Grit: Mean Business' Tells Part Of Rooster Cogburn's Story In Comic Book Form

True Grit will soon be opening in Europe and the UK, and to promote the film in the UK Paramount has done something a bit unusual. The studio commissioned a comic book that re-tells part of the story of Marshall 'Rooster' Cogburn' (Jeff Bridges). It's a tale heard for the most part in the film, when Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) first sees the Marshall testifying in court.

But this comic is taken more directly from the Charles Portis novel upon which the film is based. Reading it you can get a sense of what was left out of the film (not a lot) and what was added (some great dialogue). Having seen the film it's difficult to read the comic and not hear the actors' voices, but the storytelling here is good all the same. See a couple pages after the break.

Read the 24-page comic at Comicxology.