'Peep World' Trailer Starring Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson And Kate Mara

Despite an impressive, eclectic ensemble cast of comedic and dramatic actors, Peep World failed to generate much enthusiasm when it premiered at TIFF last year, garnering some middling reviews from a select few outlets and otherwise not making much of an impact. Nevertheless, IFC picked up the film for distribution and have now released an official trailer.

The film centers around a dysfunctional Jewish family that turns on each other when its youngest member writes a bestselling book exposing all their most intimate secrets. Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson and Ben Schwartz comprise the four main siblings, and they're accompanied by such talents as Kate Mara, Taraji P. Henson, Judy Greer and Ron Rifkin as their father. Barry W. Blaustein (The Ringer) directs. Watch the trailer after the break.

I'm not sure if the world really needed another film about a neurotic white family incessantly bickering about each other's flaws, but with such a strong cast, I'm willing to give this one a look — even with the less-than-inspiring response at TIFF. The trailer seems like a case of deceptive editing, hoping to play off a deadpan dark comedy as something decidedly more mainstream and lighthearted. Perhaps that's optimism on my part, because I'd be far more interested if that were true.

(And hey, is that Stephen Tobolowsky playing one of the dinner guests? Keep your eyes peeled.)

Watch the trailer below, or check it out in HD on Yahoo!

The film will be released in theaters on March 25th, preceded by a VOD debut on February 9th. Here's the plot synopsis:

On the seventieth birthday of their hard charging businessman father (Ron Rifkin), four siblings and their extended relatives make plans to reunite for dinner to celebrate the momentous occasion, despite an unshakable animosity towards one another that's about to come to a blistering boil. The youngest sibling, Nathan (Ben Schwarz), has just published a bestselling and revealing exposé about their family's most intimate and shameful exploits, and no one is happy about it except himself.

In spite of his insurmountable financial woes, Jack (Michael C. Hall) is a semi-responsible husband and hard-working professional who is starting to feel the choke hold of his impending fatherhood. His brother Joel (Rainn Wilson) is doing the best he can to stay alive in the face of perpetual unemployment and a pair of loan sharks following his every move. Their sister Cheri (Sarah Silverman) is just plain pissed off at everyone, especially Nathan, who, along with his book, has become the lightning rod for her every neurotic complaint. Making matters worse, the movie adaptation of Nathan's book is currently in the works, and their father's new girlfriend (Alicia Witt) has been cast in the role of Cheri.