Michael Fassbender Joins Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'

Michael Fassbender has signed on to star opposite Noomi Rapace in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The science fiction project set-up at 20th Century Fox, was originally developed as an Alien prequel. Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) will play Elizabeth Shaw, 

and Fassbender will be playing an android.

Heat Vision reports that Fassbender was originally offered the role last year when the project was still the Alien prequel. There is another big female role in the film, which is being circled by Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie. two other major male roles have to be cast, too.Previously:

Much of the story is being kept under wraps, but Scott has said the movie will have  the"Alien DNA", whatever that means. The project has become something "more original," an the Jon Spaihts draft has been reworked by Scott and Damon Lindelof. Scott says Prometheus has "a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place" and "the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative." Damon Lindelof has called the project "daring, visceral and hopefully, the last thing anyone expects."

The common usage of "Prometheus" is a character in Greek mythology, a Titan, "a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals" according to Wikipedia. That notion of taking from the more fortunate to help the less fortunate fits in perfectly with what the guys at ScriptFlags think Prometheus is in the new Scott film. Apparently, in one of Spaihts's other scripts called Shadow 19, there's a terraforming ship that's called...you guessed it, Prometheus. Terraforming is the idea of physically making other planets habitable because of Earth's decline which has become a regular theme in modern science fiction.

Ridley Scott is directing the movie, which will be released on June 8th, 2012.