Screen Gems Remaking 'About Last Night...' Produced By 'Easy A' Director

Briefly: Here's the lineage of About Last Night...: in 1974 David Mamet published the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago. In 1986 Ed Zwick directed a film that adapted the play with a much more approachable title (About Last Night...) and a pretty but effective cast that included Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Then, in 2010, we heard that Screen Gems might put a new version of About Last Night... into development. In 2011 this came to pass, produced by Easy A director Will Gluck.

As things stand now there is no writer or director on board, much less a cast to play new versions of a couple (Lowe and Moore, originally) who meet in Chicago, fall for one another, and then have to navigate the tricky waters of commitment. Will Gluck probably won't end up writing and directing this himself because he's got another comedy booked with his Easy A star Emma Stone after she's done with Spider-Man. [Variety]