Bloody Good Poster For Kim Ji-Woon's 'I Saw The Devil'

Kim Ji-woon's bloody, intense thriller I Saw the Devil (Korean trailer here) is playing Sundance later this month, and through the magic of Magnolia's genre arm Magnet will also hit US theaters on March 4. It is a serial killer story that has drawn comparisons to Seven and endured criticism in South Korea for the level of violence depicted. After seeing the film at Fantastic Fest, Peter said, "the movie is a brutal experience, and while I highly recommend it, I don't ever see myself watching it again."

See the entire poster below.

AICN presents the poster, which looks like this. Click to enlarge.

Here's the synopsis that Sundance is running on the festival site:

A remorseless psychopath stalks deserted roads looking for women to rape and slaughter. But when he murders the pregnant fiancée of a secret-service agent, the tables turn, and the stalker becomes the prey as the grief-stricken agent pursues a gruesome revenge. Soo-hyun hunts down the killer but does not turn him over to the authorities. Instead, he exacts a punishment designed to make the psycho truly suffer. The sadistic mayhem escalates as the pair enact a gory cat-and-mouse game that quickly spirals out of control.

As excellently crafted as it is blood soaked, Kim Jee-woon's hard-edged revenge thriller leaves an indelible mark on its audience. The brutality and unrelenting violence of I Saw the Devil is only half as jarring as its unflinching portrait of the dark side of human nature.