Bill Murray May Really Be The Holdup With 'Ghostbusters III'

Briefly: Let's rewind all the back to the early days of December 2010. That's when Ernie Hudson said that Bill Murray is part of the holdup around Ghostbusters III. "I know he really cares about his work," Hudson said, "which is probably why there hasn't been another Ghostbusters as of yet. Dan and Harold are working on the script. If it happens we will see but Bill has been the hold up. His definition of good is a little bit different than everybody else's."

Turns out he may have been right. Sure, Ivan Reitman is out there stumping for the movie just as Dan Aykroyd and others have been. But if a new report is to be believed, there'll be no movie without Bill Murray. If he doesn't nod and smile and sign, then the movie doesn't happen. Ivan Reitman just said that the script was truly just finished, and has been sent to Murray. So if his definition of 'good' lines up, then Slimer will pop out of his hole, not be scared by his shadow, and the show will go on. Oops, sorry. Getting my Murray movie metaphors mixed. We'll have real news on the film just as soon as there is some.