Cool Stuff: 'Mad Men' Inspired Posters

While fans of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce wait for the impending announcement of Mad Men season 5, it seems appropriate to check out a bunch of art inspired by the show. After all, the award winning AMC drama is all about advertising and perception so to see artists interpret the show in different ways is kind of meta. Spoke Art, the people who did the recent Wes Anderson exhibit, are considering doing a Mad Men art exhibit in New York later this year this year and Entertainment Weekly highlighted a few pieces, so we figured it would be cool to put them all together for your viewing pleasure. Expect more of these in the coming months.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly as well as the Spoke Art Facebook for the heads up on these. A bunch of them also came from Buzzfeed. The artists of the below prints are Matt Needle and Print Mafia on the top, Lerms and Christina Perry on the second, and all the rest art Christina Perry. To purchase the Needle, go to this link, and all the Perry's are available at this link.

Mad Men seems like such a ripe property for this type of interpretation. They had the whole "Mad Men Yourself" thing and now it seems like the artists are taking the era, themes and looks of the show and running with it.

Which of these prints is your favorite? Have you seen other awesome Mad Men art around the internet?