Michelle Pfeiffer Cast In Alex Kurtzman's 'Welcome To People'

Briefly: I'm really starting to look forward to Welcome to People, the film that will be both the directorial debut for Alex Kurtzman, and possibly a turning point in the screenwriting career of he and his partner Roberto Orci. (The two have previously written Star Trek, Transformers, Cowboys & Aliens, etc. They wrote this script with Jody Lambert.) The plot centers on a character played by Chris Pine, who "returns home after his estranged father's sudden death, only to uncover a devastating family secret, which sends him on an unexpected journey of self-discovery." Sounds like a more drama-oriented change from the high-concept stuff the guys have been known for so far.

The cast of the film includes Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde. Now Michelle Pfeiffer has signed on to play the mother of Chris Pine's character. It's a big part, and it's good to see the actress, making one of her rare appearances these days, in a bit that might give her a chance to really play. The film begins shooting next week. [Deadline]