Warner Bros.' Batman And Superman Films Will Not Cross Over

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is edging toward production, and just after that Zack Snyder's new Superman will be going before cameras. There are a great many lingering questions about both films, and it will be some time before we have definitive answers to most of them.

But Charles Roven, a producer on both films, has dropped a few tidbits of info, not the least being that there will be no Marvel-style crossover between the two movies.

Speaking to STYD Mr. Roven addressed a few key points.

First: there will be no 'shared universe' between Superman and Batman.

That may be in somebody's mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world. Those stories are those stories and we haven't thought beyond each individual picture.

Are there plans for Batman after this film?

I think that Chris Nolan has said that he wanted to make a trilogy and this is a trilogy. As far as we all know, this is it. This is the trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is the third part of what Chris created with Batman Begins and we're not looking past that.

Will Superman's costume be CGI, similar to what was done with Green Lantern?

You know, one of the things that you probably know about me and us working on this movie is that the rumors are the rumors and when we have something to say, we'll say it. Until we do, there's nothing to say.

Given that Christopher Nolan has some involvement with Superman, when will both films shoot, and will they be in production at the same time?

It's a huge workload, but there's a way we've been talking about how to make it work. Hopefully, there will be a little bit of time in-between the start of production on both of them. Right now Dark Knight Rises is coming out in the summer of 2012 and Superman is coming out in the winter of 2012. So hopefully — and we're just at the beginning phases of both of them. We haven't even entered official pre-production on either one of them — there will be a little bit of room. They're both going to be long shoots. I'm sure there's going to be some overlap, but hopefully there'll be as little overlap as possible.