Producer Says Kathryn Bigelow's 'Triple Frontier' Scheduled For Spring Shoot

Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's political action thriller Triple Frontier, which has Tom Hanks set to star, is one of the more promising films that might roll film this year. It takes place in the so-called 'triple frontier' where the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil intersect, which is reportedly a gangland haven and source of terrorist funding.

But there has been some question about when the movie would actually shoot, and whether it might wait until the Bigelow and Boal team make another quickie political thriller. Now producer Charles Roven has given an update on the project, which suggests it might shoot sooner than we last thought.

Speaking to STYD, Mr. Roven said of Triple Frontier,

It's a big, big, big project logistically in the sense that, if the production plan happens, it's scheduled to shoot in a number of countries both down in South America and in North America. So yeah. That's a really fantastic project and really exciting. Working with Kathryn and Mark Boal is really great. It's a great, great script. We've been on a number of location scouts and Tom Hanks is starring in the film. We're looking to cast the other roles. We're hoping to be able to start shooting the movie sometime in mid-March or April. That's what our goal is right now. But, like all movies, 'till they're up, they're up. (Laughs) Until they're shooting, they're not shooting.

So, last we'd heard, Mark Boal was scripting a new black-ops thriller to be shot fast before a fall 2011 shoot for Triple Frontier, which also seemed to have been stripped down slightly, with five major male roles reduced to four. But this suggests there's still potential for it to happen sooner rather than later — in other words, if the funding and cast comes together sooner, the film will shoot. If not, maybe we'll still see that smaller black-ops thriller first.