Reports Of 'Bond 23' Postponement Are (Once Again) Slightly Exaggerated

Briefly: This is really just a rumor control post. Looking around the web today you might see mentions of the pre-production of Bond 23 being halted, which is probably confusing if you've been keeping tabs on the film's development. But it's really Variety that was confused, as the trade re-ran or re-wrote (and since pulled) a report with info mostly from April 2010, when pre-production on the film was first halted. If you gave the trade report more than a cursory glance it was pretty clear that something was amiss, but the report is already spreading anyway. (And, if you'll recall, this is the second time the 'Bond 23 has halted' news has been re-reported. Last time was July 2010.)

So, bottom line, someone screwed up, and there is no Bond news to report. All is as it was last time, which is... that there's nothing yet to report. As you were.