Geek Deals: Farscape: The Complete Series For $50, Glee For $15, And More

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Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day is the Farscape: The Complete Series on DVD for only $49.99, 67% off the $150 list price.

Other Deals:

  • David Fincher's The Social Network on Blu-ray for only $16.99, 51% off the $35 list price. The closest price on the internet is over $22. They are also selling the DVD version for $12.99, 55% off the $29 list price.  The movie will be released in stores on January 11th, 2011.
  • The Universe: The Complete Season 1 on Blu-ray for $8.75, 87% off the $70msrp.
  • Léon: The Professional (Theatrical and Extended Edition) on Blu-Ray for $7.99
  • Moon on Blu-ray for $8.99
  • Traffic (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) for $9.99
  • Alien Anthology Blu-ray for $69.99, 50% off the $140 msrp.
  • Glee: The Complete First Season on DVD for $14.99, 75% off the $60 msrp.
  • Labyrinth on Blu-ray and The Dark Crystal on Blu-ray on sale for only $8.99 each
  • Dexter: The Fourth Season on DVD for only $14.99, 70% off the $50 suggested retail price.