Cool Stuff: 'Tron' Papercraft

Didn't find that TRON: Legacy Light Cycle you so desperately wanted under the tree this holiday season? Sorry to hear that. You can, however, build your own with nothing more than a color printer and some paper. The Disney Family website has some templates and instructions so that you can fold your way into ownership of Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn and Clu's Light Cycles, a Recognizer and more. Check out photos of the finished products and find out where to get instructions after the break.

Thanks to SuperPunch for the heads up on this.

Here's what the finished products are supposed to look like.

If you'd like to attempt to make one of these yourself, you're going to have to click the following links.

Clu's Light Cycle

Sam's Light Cycle

Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle


Printing out the instructions are the easy part, however. After that, things get incredibly difficult. Each printout is very detailed and folding has to be precise. So we definitely want to give you fair warning that frustration is a possibility if you attempt to make these things.

These projects aren't the only cool Tron things on the Disney Family website either. Over on that same site, they have printable Disc Wars, TRON: Legacy party invitations, Shrink Charms and more. Anything you'd need to throw a really fun TRON party for your kids, or a group of introverted twenty-somethings.

Anytime we put up a story that's Tron related, the comments turn into a huge fight about the movie's merit. And while that's all well and good, I think we can at least agree that the film has some of, if not the, coolest movie related merchandise of 2010. Light Cycles, flying discs, light up suits, all of this stuff is visually stunning and love it or hate it, Disney has done a pretty bang up job getting this stuff out there to the public, if they want them.