The Third 'Riddick' Movie Is Still Crawling Through Development

Vin Diesel has been promising a third Riddick movie for some time. The film would be a new link in the chain that began with Pitch Black and continued with The Chronicles of Riddick, with a short animated film linking them. (And which spawned one surprisingly good game, Escape From Butcher Bay, and a not shabby game sequel, Assault on Dark Athena.)

We don't know much about the new film, which remains in the conceptual stages, but a new statement by the actor teases a bit of development on the Riddick front.

Here's what Vin Diesel said via his Facebook page. (Which, remember, is actually run by the actor, rather than a hired gun.)

So the director of Riddick, my partner on COR since the beginning, DT [David Twohy]... has a new challenge in store. He wants me to have 3 different body looks for this next chapter... There is the DiNorscio type, the Dom type, and the lean Furyan type... but all in the same movie, haha... When it comes to art, we all like a challenge.

P.s. We will hit Our next Milestone... but, what day?

Those three 'looks' he mentions refer to his characters in the Riddick films, the Fast and the Furious series, and Find Me Guilty.He also posted the header image above, which is a modified piece of promo art from the second Riddick game.

These films have a hardcore fandom (check the 5ooo comments and 36k 'likes' on the Facebook post) but that didn't translate to big success for the second movie, which made $115m worldwide against a $105m budget. (That doesn't factor in DVD and TV sales, but it isn't a big score.) If the third film can be brought in for well under $100m it might have a fighting chance. The continued success of the Fast and the Furious films suggests that there is money to be made here, but those movies are also more likely to pull in your average weekend audience than is the sequel to a cult-ish sci-fi series.

[via ComingSoon]