Tron Guy Reviews Tron Legacy

WiReD Magazine had the brilliant idea to hire Jay Maynard, a computer programmer/system administrator probably best known on the internet as "Tron Guy", to review Disney's Tron Legacy. What did Tron Guy think of the sequel 28 years in the making?

"I walked in, expecting to be blown away both from what I'd seen before and from what I knew about the production. I was not disappointed." ... "... the result is visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting." ... "There's plenty of eye candy for even the most jaded addict. The score by Daft Punk is outstanding." ... "With all of this, many folks would expect the story to suffer. It doesn't, unless you're a movie critic. It's a logical continuation of the original, although you need not have seen Tron to understand what's happening now. Strong performances by Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen should prevent the kind of complaints about wooden acting that surrounded the original movie. The result delivers an unexpected emotional impact, especially at the ending." ... "Perhaps the emotional ending influenced my final reaction. As the credits rolled, I had to fight off tears."

Maynard, points out some technically inaccuracies (the re-creation of a SunOS 4.0.1 X console was an i386, who knew?) then goes on to beg Disney to allow him to be part of the announced third Tron film (currently in development), or at very least, give him an updated suit so that "people who ask me to make appearances get the new film in their heads. That would give fans a much more direct connection to the movie. Plus, that way I'd be all ready to appear in the next one." I somehow doubt this is ever going to happen. Read Maynard's full review on Wired.