Cool Stuff: Mondo 'TRON' And 'TRON: Legacy' Posters By Eric Tan

TRON: Legacy is out at midnight Thursday and if there's one thing the film is lacking, it's merchandise. Seriously though, while there are a ton of different TRON toys and tech out there right now, the one thing we haven't seen yet are bad ass, limited edition posters. Mondo is happy to oblige. They've just unveiled a pair of glow in the dark posters by one of our favorite artists, Eric Tan, which will go on sale on Mondo's site Thursday December 16 at a random time. See the full sized images and more after the jump.

Here's the TRON poster.

And here's the TRON: Legacy poster.

And yes, they are linked together. Here's what Tan has to say about them.

When creating posters for each of the 'Tron' films, what immediately came to mind were the parallels between the two worlds and how it had progressed over the years. Since similar elements such as disks, light cycles, and recognizers exist in both, I thought showing the contrast between new and old was a visually interesting angle to play up. Linking the two main characters was something I thought would add to the storytelling and the father/son dynamic between Kevin and Sam Flynn. To me, those films are amazing examples of visual 'candy,' and I hope I was able to capture that in my posters.

You most certainly have. And, may I say, it's great to have Eric Tan back. He's been missing in action for a while but with three new posters in a week, Tan is back.

Each poster is a 16 x 24 inch edition of 240 and cost $40 a piece. Follow @MondoNews Thursday if you'd like to purchase.

Could you buy just one of these or would you have to buy the set? And which one do you prefer?

Source: Los Angeles Times