Anne Hathaway To Inherit Jane Fonda's Role In Barbarella? Not So Fast.

Lately there's a casting rumor every single day, and the latest is a one-two for Anne Hathaway, who has been mentioned as the latest possible lead for the revamped Barbarella, and for David O. Russell's possible feature The Silver Linings Playbook. But The Playlist talked to a rep for the actress who says she hasn't been formally attached to either film. And David O. Russell says that with respect to The Silver Linings Playbook "those people have definitely read the script and there's a whole conversation going on." 'Those people' refers to Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway, but obviously it's still rather early on both counts. More as this develops.

Am I alone in hoping the Barbarella remake will just die quietly off in a corner? The original is campy fun and, yeah, goofy titillating stuff. And sure, I'd like to see Anne Hathaway in some of those costumes. But it's a product of its time. Let Roman Coppola's CQ stand as the remake of both Barbarella and the similarly campy (and far more wonderful) Danger: Diabolik and let's all move on. Please?