LOL: An 'Avatar' Wedding

The most touching quote to come out of James Cameron's Avatar was "I see you." It was everything the film was about; words that represented an almost spiritual connection between the speaker and the listener.

Well, "we see you" people in the above Avatar wedding photo and the spirit of Eywa in all of us wishes we hadn't. Read a bit more about this hilarious abomination after the jump.

Incredibly enough, the above photo wasn't something the bridesmaids were happy with. Here's the context. Thanks to Unique Daily for this bit of amazement.

Newlyweds have been screaming blue murder over their 'Pandora weddings' set among the stunning mountain range used in blockbuster movie Avatar. Enterprising events organizers in natural beauty spot Wu Lingyuan, southern China, are cashing in on the fact that James Cameron used their stunning mountain range as the inspiration for his fantasy planet's floating peaks. But the not-so-special effects provided by local tourist bosses to give couples an out of this world wedding day have infuriated newlyweds who paid up for the stunt. Bride Xiao Tsao, one of five couples recently married in a joint service, said: 'The Navi were a couple of forestry workers dressed up in long underwear dyed blue wearing some very unconvincing masks. It was really pathetic.

Every time I look at that photo I chuckle. Not only because people actually paid for it, but because the one Na'vi isn't looking and the other seems to be throwing a gang sign while three pretty girls just smile totally unaware of the fame they're about to receive.