Set Photos: Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy In 'Spider-Man'

NO PHOTOSWe've seen Emma Stone with her 'back to blonde' hair color for her role as love interest Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man. Now, with the film beginning to shoot this week, we've got the first images of Ms. Stone on set and in character. The pics aren't very exciting, but they could be read as a suggestion of the fate of another character in the film. Read our suppositions after the break, or just scroll down to the photo gallery if you want to avoid spoilers.

Reports from set say that the scene puts Gwen Stacy at a funeral, which is pretty evident from the pics. Given that you can also see a great many cops around her, there's a good chance that she's attending a funeral for her father, police captain George Stacy, who is played by Denis Leary. In the classic comics continuity, Captain Stacy learned Peter Parker's Spider-Man secret, but was killed by Doctor Octopus. As he died, he implored Peter/Spidey to take care of his daughter.

We don't know specifics about the scene being shot, but the circumstantial photo evidence suggests that we'll see a similar fate for Captain Stacy (probably not at the hands of Doctor Octopus) in Marc Webb's film. Leave your thoughts (including arguments for a different take on the pics) in the comments.

[via SuperHeroHype and JustJared]