Cool Stuff: Daniel Danger's Mondo Star Wars Poster 'Sanctuary Moon'

Daniel Danger has one of the most distinctive styles of all the poster artists working today. Dark and detailed with a lot of shadow and light, when Danger tackles a pop culture subject, you're in for something special. We first saw Danger's work when he did an awesome set of Amelie prints, and he was one of the breakout artists from the Lost Underground Art Show with his gorgeous rendition of Jacob's Cabin and the insta-sell out of The Black Rock. Universal commissioned him to make a poster for The Wolfman, and he even did a beautiful rendition of Fenway Park that currently graces my wall as well as bad-ass Scott Pilgrim concert poster that totally broke from his trademark approach.

So my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that he was the next artist in Mondo's Star Wars series. The piece is called Sanctuary Moon and lends itself perfectly to Danger's unique and beautiful style. Check it out and get on sale details below.

Thanks to Geeks of Doom for the exclusive on the poster.

Obviously, this is an image inspired by Return of the Jedi in which a couple of AT-ST's meet their match as they head into an Ewok Village on Endor. It's unclear if this is the actual moment from the movie, because we know that the Ewoks took down an AT-ST, but if you look at the top of the poster it looks like they are in the village, which didn't happen in the movie. So I believe its more an amalgamation. Either way, it's awesome.

Here's what Danger had to say about it:

i grew up on Ewoks, not Star Wars. thats a very odd statement to say, but until i was maybe eleven, i had no idea Ewoks were even related to Star Wars, the connection was just never made. chalk that up to the fact that the majority of my tv entertainment consisted of things taped off television on VHS. so i didnt have Empire, i had Battle For Endor because NBC aired it, mcdonalds commercials and all ('the hot stays hot and the cool stays cool'). my brother was the true enthusiast, his stock primary stuffed animals as a kid was Wicket and Paploo (he still has them at age 30), and they were worn into oblivion. for the sake of trivia, i named my primary stuffed bear a descriptive phrase: "brown softy", but it was not space related. but needless to say, there were alot of cardboard spaceships and tree forts at our house. little did seven year old me know there were alot of other plots we could have pretended our way through.  no regrets.  either way, when asked to do this print for Mondo/LucasArts, my decision was already made.

Danger is one of my favorite artists – four of his works are within eye sight even as I type this – so this print excites me more than almost any of the rest of the prints Mondo has released. My one minor gripe, though, is that the poster – like the majority of the series – is 24 x 36 which is huge for a Danger print. His work is almost too dark for a poster this big. Still, Sanctuary Moon is gorgeous – one of the best yet.

The print has a very limited run of 230 and will cost $50. Follow @MondoNews on Twitter for the on sale announcement this Friday December 10 and get to this one as soon as possible. It will surely sell out faster than the others as Danger has a huge following. See more of his work at TinyMediaEmpire.