LOL: Revenge On Your Cheating Girlfriend, Netflix Style

Whether or not you think Netflix is burning itself out, there's no denying the service has become a staple of movie watching for almost everyone: male and female, young and old alike. And, if you've ever spent hours upon hours raking every movie you've seen while sitting at your desk at work (not that we speak from experience) then you'll agree the more information you give the site, the better it does recommending movies or shows you'll enjoy.

So, hypothetically, if your girlfriend cheated on you, and you spent way too much time obsessing over it, you could get a subtle but sweet revenge through Netflix. One lucky gentleman did. Probably. Check out the full photo after the jump.

Thanks to Reddit for the photo and NerdApproved for the heads up.

This photo shows the "Movies You'll Love" page on the guy in question's girlfriends account. He spent an unspecified amount of time rating movies so that a very specific kind of film would be recommended quite highly.

Notice how she hasn't seen any of these movies yet (if she did, the stars would be gold) and that the system believes she will "LOVE" of "REALLY LIKE" every one of these movies such as Unfaithful, Whore, The Scarlet Letter, Indecent Proposal and, for one reason or another, Bambi. Maybe because he wants her dead. Plus, that Slutty Summer sounds like a winner. (Note: The inclusion of Bambi leads me to believe this is a Photoshop. To get seven movies about sex and then Bambi on one page just doesn't make sense. Even if it's fake, though, it's still a funny idea.)

Assuming this is real, here's the question. Is it funnier that someone not only thought of this but was able to pull it off? Or that the guy put in probably hours and hours of work to come up with a subtle, passive aggressive form of revenge that his ex-girlfriend will probably not even recognize? She'll probably actually watch these movies. "Oh, 'The Scarlett Letter!' That has Ashton's wife in it." Add to Queue. "Awww, how cute it that deer?" Add to Queue. "Oooo, 'War.' Sounds deep." Add to Queue.

(That final joke was a mistake I myself made when I was at the video store as a child. I recommended to my parents that we rent the new release called "War," which of course was actually the movie "Whore," I just didn't know that word was spelled with a "W" at the time. I now know.)