Zack Galifianakis And Will Ferrell To Play Political Rivals

How crazy is it to think that in less than two years we'll once again vote for President of the United States? Here's how crazy. There's currently a pitch going around Hollywood that would pit Zack Galifianakis against Will Ferrell as political rivals in a comedy timed for release near the 2012 Presidential Elections. Oh and Jay Roach, he of both comedy and political films (such as Meet the Parents and Recount) will be directing. No studio is attached yet but, that's sure to change sooner rather than later. According to Deadline's short report, "everybody's interested." And who wouldn't be with those three names attached to one package? When we hear more about this developing story, we'll let you know, but if you have a few million dollars today would be a good day to call one of these guys.