Tron Legacy Video Clip: "The Page"

Walt Disney Pictures has released a fourth video clip from Tron Legacy.

The first clip featured Quorra (Olivia Wilde) saving Sam (Garrett Hedlund) from possible death, escaping through some off road terrain on a four-wheel Light Runner (one of the new vehicles introduced in the sequel). If you missed that clip, you can watch it here. The second clip, entitled "You're Here", showed the reunion between Sam and his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who has been trapped in the computer world of Tron since his childhood. If you missed that clip, you can watch it here. The third clip, entitled "Sirens Dress Sam" (watch it here), showed Sam Flynn being suited up by sexy programs known as Sirens, and given his identity disc in preparation for combat in the light disc game. This sequence happens much earlier than the previous two clips, shortly after Sam's arrival on the Grid.

The fourth and newest clip is entitled "The Page" is a one minute clip of the scene featuring Bruce Boxleitner, reprising his role as Alan Bradley, who pays Sam Flynn a visit to tell him about a page which was mysteriously phoned from his father's office. Hit the jump to watch the video.