Fan-Made Trailer: 'Tron Legacy' Rerezzed

Making trailers for a studio film — for any film, really — means slogging through a lot of politics. What do producers and marketers want featured, and how, and for how long? Even a sharp editor can be confounded by a swarm of notes about a trailer edit.

Disney's trailers for Tron Legacy have been generally good. But once the footage is out there we can start to see what people really respond to, rather than what the marketing arm hopes we'll respond to. That's where some fan trailers come in. Every once in a while, a fan trailer can stand out as a great piece of work not because it represents the movie, but because it represents how people are thinking about the movie.

So here's the Rerezzed Tron Legacy trailer, which is a fan-made work that incorporates footage from all the released clips to date, cut to 'The Glitch Mob' by Animus Vox.

In this case, we probably don't have to worry about a cease and desist because this edit was highlighted on the official Tron Legacy Facebook page.

The editor explained the edit on his YouTube page:

This is my first Trailer/Feature and I had alot of fun making it. I started working on this shorty after The Apple Tree was released. The title and intro are indeed a tipping hat to Daft Punk's Video "Derezzed". They came out with their video right around the time I was finishing mine up, and I still hadnt thought of a title. So I thought it would be fun to keep the name scheme similar as well as the feel of the setup. No harm meant, got nothing but love for Daft Punk and hope this video becomes a nice companion video to theirs.