Cool Stuff: Kevin Tong's R2-D2 'Star Wars' Poster For Mondo Tees

If you've been following the poster game at all recently, you know that Kevin Tong has been killing it. He did an incredible poster for Moon a few months back and has an amazing set of prints based on Wes Anderson films currently on sale (how these are not sold out yet is beyond me). Some of his concert prints, though we don't write about them here, sing like the music plus he was a major part of the Lost art phenomenon from last year.

Now, he's the latest artist to tackle Star Wars for Mondo Tees. But, as is Tong's MO, he doesn't just dramatize a moment from the series. Instead he takes everyone's favorite astromech droid – R2-D2 – and breaks him down. Literally. Check out the full poster after the jump and read not only how you can get it, but see how Tong created it too.

The poster was first revealed over at Badass Digest. It's called "A Linch Pin Droid."

The 24 x 36 inch print has an edition of 400 and costs $50. They go on sale at a random time on Black Friday November 26. Follow @MondoNews on Twitter for the announcement. Here's what Tong initially had to say about the print.

My print is called "A Linch Pin Droid" and it's an exploded view of R2D2, my favorite character in the Star Wars Trilogy. For this print, I made certain that I stayed true to the original Trilogy and spent months watching and pausing it. Although this print is largely technical, I was hoping that by showing R2D2's individual tools and components all spread out, people can reflect on the moments in the Trilogy where he used those devices to save the day and the galaxy.

But that's not all Tong had to say about this print, oh no. He runs an excellent blog over on his official site, Tragic Sunshine, in which he brings the viewer into his process. If you like posters at all, Tong's videos are a must watch.

If you head over to his blog post about this print, there is so much more information it's ridiculous. But it's a great read and would be pointless for us to just reiterate it.

Another week, another Star Wars print. This one is certainly the most unique yet. What do you think? How does it rank with the other prints in this series?