Martin Scorsese On Shooting 3D: "Every Shot Is Rethinking Cinema"

The Guardian visited Martin Scorsese on the set of Hugo Cabret at UK's Shepperton studios. The part of the interview I found most interesting is the filmmaker's thoughts on shooting his first movie using 3D cameras.

"Every shot is rethinking cinema," he enthuses, "rethinking narrative – how to tell a story with a picture. Now, I'm not saying we have to keep throwing javelins at the camera, I'm not saying we use it as a gimmick, but it's liberating. It's literally a Rubik's Cube every time you go out to design a shot, and work out a camera move, or a crane move. But it has a beauty to it also. People look like... like moving statues. They move like sculpture, as if sculpture is moving in a way. Like dancers..." He is clearly entranced by challenges and themes of Hugo Cabret, and says that the new technology with which he's working puts him in mind of Picasso and Braque and how inspired they were by the early cinema of Méliès and the Lumière brothers.