Robert Zemeckis Won't Direct A 'Wizard Of Oz' Remake For Warner Bros.

Whew. The last thing fans of Robert Zemeckis want is to see him wasting time remaking The Wizard of Oz. That was a reported project just a day ago — and the report was that the studio wanted Mr. Zemeckis for the film, not that he had signed for it — but EW has a statement from his representative saying that the director will not be taking on the project. Yes, there was a meeting at Warner Bros. about possible directions for a Wizard of Oz remake, and he was at the top of the wishlist to direct.

EW says the idea of the remake is currently 'very preliminary and nebulous,' which also implicitly calls into question the idea that any eventual remake would use the script from the 1939 version. Given that there's already the Disney Oz film The Great and Powerful Oz, which still has Sam Raimi and Robert Downey, Jr. attached, we can probably go without another Oz film for the time being.