Cool Stuff: 2011 Time Travel Calendar

/Film reader and graphic designer Alex Griendling has created an awesome 2011 Time Traveler's Calendar. Here is some information from the artist:

I made a 2011 Time Traveler's Calendar that places 95 individual instances of time travel from Movies/TV Shows/Video games onto a single timeline. 7 Videogames. 16 TV Shows. 34 movies. 95 individual instances of time travel. 1 timeline. This calendar takes 95 time travel occurrences and places them on a single timeline. Watch thousands of years of time travel take place over the course of 12 months! Some highlights include the Back to the Future franchise, the Terminator franchise, LOST, Army of Darkness, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, and the Star Trek franchise. As a reader of your site, I thought you might enjoy this project I just wrapped up as it may fit well in your "Cool Stuff" section.

The calendar can be purchased for only $20 on storenvy. Hit the jump to see some example photos.