VOTD: Toy Story 3 Featuring Michael Giacchino's 'Lost' Score

FixiousMaximus decided to replace the original score in Toy Story 3's climactic junk yard scene with Michael Giacchino's music from the television series Lost. You might be surprised at just how well Giacchino's compositions work within the scene. Watch it now embedded after the jump. (Of course, if you have yet to see the movie, this climactic scene contains obvious spoilers – you have been warned.)

When I screened an early cut of Toy Story 3 at ShoWest, Pixar still had temp music in this sequence from Terminator 2. More times than not, ideas from temp score end up making it into the final cut of the film. You may have noticed that tT\he metal clashing sounds from that film actually influenced the final score in the film.

via: gointothestory