ATM Viral Video From 'Skyline'

These days, people do so much important business at ATM's that it's completely normal to be nervous and guarded around them. We're standing on the street, with money in plain sight, inputting numbers that unlock our lives. At any moment, someone could steal the PIN from over your shoulder or run by and grab the cash out of you hand. Being held up in that situation is certainly a real fear for many of us and, until today, it was the worst possible thing that could happen at an ATM. Now, in a short viral clip for Skyline, we have footage from something much worse that can happen while you are standing at an ATM. For added effect, it's shown from the perspective of the machine.

Skyline, directed by the Brothers Strause and starring Eric Balfour and Donald Faison, opens Friday. Check out the viral video jump.

Here's the video.

A cool video for sure, but I must admit – considering the movie is about a blue light that draws your attention and then sucks you into the ship – I was hoping to see more flying people. I was thinking Paranormal Activity-style dragging away from the ATM.

I've discussed before how the marketing for this film has been incredibly prolific and with the opening now mere hours away, and a sequel already in the works, I'm really curious if everyone is actually excited for it. I kind of am. It feels like it's been forever since a studio has gotten behind a huge ass alien movie that's based on an original idea instead of a comic book or novel or something. And though it was made on a shoe string budget, the trailers, commercials and virals got more and more exciting.

Am I alone being on the Skyline bandwagon? Will you be seeing it this weekend?

Source: MovieViral