Movie Trailer #2: 'Little Fockers'

We've seen a teaser and an international trailer for Little Fockers, the second sequel to Meet the Parents, and now there is a full theatrical trailer. What's the difference? In addition to showing more plot and (depending on your point of view) jokes, this trailer has a few shots of Dustin Hoffman, whose mart was shot after the teaser debuted.

The key word here is quite obviously 'focker,' as the trailer suggests that the film wastes no opportunity to make a joke based on the fact that the family name sounds like 'fucker.' If that's your brand of comedy — and for some it obviously is, and no judging here (seriously) — then this trailer is an early holiday gift. If not, then consider what you're about to watch.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over here lightly fuming about the fact that a few curse words got an R for The King's Speech, but a family holiday comedy predicated on repeated jokes meant to sound like f-bombs is likely to score a PG-13.

The trailer comes via Yahoo, so send your DOS attacks that way, please. (I'm kidding. Even if you don't like this trailer, please don't retaliate against Yahoo. Just close the browser tab and move on.)

After ten years of clashing wills with his ex-CIA father-in-law Jack, Greg Focker has finally entered the man's "circle of trust." So when the entire family gets together for a birthday party for Greg's five-year-old twins, things should go smoothly, right? Wrong. Greg's concerns for his family's future have caused him to take a side job for a drug company, which sets off Jack's paranoia and escalates into another family disaster.