Set Photos: Hydra Tanks From 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

NO PHOTOCaptain America: The First Avenger is still filming up a storm in across the pond and another brand new batch of set photos have surfaced online. Unfortunately, most of them are kind of blah: generic explosions, trailers and stuntmen in the outfit we saw a few months ago. Obviously, nothing that can touch the high resolution photos Marvel officially released.

However, in the midst of all these new photos are several that are worth your time, specifically a bunch of different tanks and ATV's with logo of the evil Hydra on them. Being as Captain America: The First Avenger takes place in the 1940s, what's cool about these photos is they show just how advanced the enemy technology in the film will be. Directed by Joe Johnston and starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci and others, Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters in 3D on July 22. Check out the photos after the jump.

All of the photos you see below were taken at a location in Aldershot, England. They come to us from Marvel Movie News, with a tip of the cap to Comic Book Movie. Check both of those sites for dozens of other photos.

I'm not a big Captain America fan so all I know about the actual story of Captain America: The First Avenger comes from the Entertainment Weekly article that ran a few weeks back, which said:

The main plot features "Captain America as the leader of a team of elite soldiers from various countries, known in the comic books as the Howling Commandos." And that mission will certainly deal with the Red Skull (Weaving), Hitler's head of weaponry and the Tesseract, aka, the Cosmic Cube..

Well, we can certainly learn a bit more about the movie from the heavy presence of Hydra in these scenes. Here are a few excerpts from the Hydra entry in the Marvel Wikipedia that sound like they could not only influence the Captain America movie, but The Avengers as well.

Hydra is a world-wide subversive organization dedicated to global domination. At its height, Hydra was the most extensive, powerful, and dangerous such organization in history.

The man most responsible for the creation of Hydra was Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, the Prussian aristocrat who served as wing commander of Nazi Germany's infamous Death's Head Squadron, and later as leader of its Blitzkrieg Squad of commandos. Infuriated by Strucker's defeats by American commando Sgt. Nicholas Fury, and by Strucker's refusal to execute the entire population of a French village, Adolf Hitler ordered the Gestapo to find and assassinate him. Strucker escaped Germany with the help of some of its men, and more importantly, with that of the Third Reich's second most powerful leader, the Red Skull. The Skull eventually intended to challenge Hitler himself, and assigned Strucker to build a power base for him in the Far East. The embittered Strucker had no intention of serving anyone but himself, however, and severed ties with the Skull on becoming the Supreme Hydra.

To meet the threat of Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D. was created. Hydra assassinated S.H.I.E.L.D.'s first Director, who was replaced by Colonel Nicholas Fury of the C.I.A., coincidentally Strucker's greatest wartime foe.

Obviously, that's not the story of this film, but I'm sure several of those ideas will play into it and carry over into The Avengers through the connection with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Comic book fans, what do you think of these photos and their representation of Hydra? Are we still on board with the look and feel of Captain America: The First Avenger?