'Inception' Score To Be Turned Into 'Augmented Sound Project'

What the hell is an augmented sound project? Good question. The company Reality Jockey created an iPhone app called RjDJ which, according to WiredUK, "detects ambient sounds, rips out samples or mutates them into harmonies, then intelligently mashes them up with what's playing." And now, also according to WiredUK, the company is working with Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer to create a new project based on the score to Inception.

The magazine says this particular app will push music from the score through 'dreams' — i.e. filters — that are determined by location, time and activity. The company says "There are dreams that are only played once a month on full-moon nights, or when the weather is bad, or when someone is traveling at more than 120mph..."

The result would, ideally, be a version of the Inception score that is tailored, to some extent, to whatever you're doing at the time. Because having a mobile soundboard that conjures up 'Brrrraaaammmp!' at any time isn't good enough. Wired expects to review this soon; place your bets on a release to coincide with the film's appearance on DVD.

Here's a promo video from RjDj that might give you an idea of the effect that could be in store here. The most useful demos of the app come a couple minutes in. I can very easily see how this might be applied to a film score, and the Inception score is simple enough, with just the right number of dramatic, big moments, that it could be wildly fun to walk around experimenting with how the app might tweak it. Sure, you can do that with RjDj and the score as-is, so let's hope the forthcoming version is more specific to the pace and tone of the score.

[via The Playlist]