Cool Stuff: Lego Han Solo In Carbonite

Han Solo in Carbonite is my favorite piece of movie memorabilia ever. There, I said it. In the Nineties, a company made a small number of authorized prop replicas of it and I believe they cost $3,000 each. Though I was probably 13 at the time, to this day I regret not buying it. Just think of all the non-at-all-awkward conversations I could have had bringing girls to my place. "Yeah, I'm a bounty hunter...and you're my bounty." Or maybe, "Behave or I'll put you on the wall too." You know, things like that. So, when I saw this amazing full size Lego recreation of Han Solo in Carbonite, I knew I had to share it....after wiping the drool from the side of my mouth. Check out the full photo and more the jump.

Here it is, in its full glory.

We found this amazing feat of construction over on Great White Snark who found it on EPICponyz. However, if you simply Google "Lego Han Solo in Carbonite" you do find a few different versions, all of which are slightly different, and few of which have artists who apparently don't want credit for making them. I think a gentleman named Nathan Sawaya made a really nice version that you can find on this site, but I can't confirm if that's his. Another page has a quote from Sawaya saying it took about 10,000 blocks to build a Lego Han Solo in Carbonite but, again, I don't believe it's the one we have featured above. The faces are slightly different.

Apparently, the world of Lego Han Solo's in Carbonite is one that's as secretive and hard to unravel as the seedy underworld that made it possible for Han to be delivered to Jabba in the first place. Still, I've seen hundreds of super impressive Lego creations from Harry Potter to Buzz Lightyear and this one is by far the coolest yet.

Could you have the patience to create this kind of thing? And how insanely well-versed in Legos must you be to figure out what kind of pieces you need for the hard to create areas, like the face and hands?