LOL: Fake Arnie Sings Again In 'Commando, The Musical'

The same team that brought you the wonderful Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan, are at it again. Here you can see the touching tune 'Jenny and Me' which represents the glory that might be found within Commando: The Musical, assuming such a thing were to actually exist. (It really should exist.)

This one is a little more ambitious in terms of song structure than was the Conan musical. It does a wonderful job of weaving the whole story into a tune that uses bits of James Horner's very strange original score from Commando.

And yet, for me, it isn't quite as funny as Conan was, and Bennett's accent could use some work. Take those nitpicks in stride, though. This is still a great way — perhaps the most appropriate way — to look back at one of Arnie's more ridiculous movies. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch another one of his films without imagining how the musical version might sound.