Costume Test Photos From Tim Burton's Failed 'Superman Lives'

Hey Zack Snyder! Here's how not to make your new Superman movie. It seems like every few years, we get another glimpse of the incredible amount of money Warner Brothers threw into pre-production on a Tim Burton directed Superman film called Superman Lives. As far back as 2006, concept art from the film began surfacing online and last year not only did more concept images rear their ugly little heads, a now infamous shot of star Nicolas Cage wearing a radical (and not in the fun, '80s way) take on the Man of Steel was revealed. Well, visual and makeup effects guru Steve Johnson just posted a whole gallery of never before seen costume images from this failed project. If this wasn't a Superman movie, I'd say these costumes look great. But being as it is Superman, well, let's just say I'm glad Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder got there first. Check out more after the jump.

You can see the full, 22 photo gallery on Johnson's Facebook page, but we've selected a couple of gems for you right here.

Um. Wow. Like I said above, if this wasn't Superman and maybe some new superhero with all those light up muscles and stuff, I'd be on board. It looks like the actual technical aspects of this light up suit work great. Nice job, Steve! But Superman is one of the most iconic characters ever so, why is he wearing that? That the biggest question. What do you guys think Tim Burton was going for with this look? I love Burton and he's done some fantastic stuff with incredible visuals – his Batman films remain iconic – but what would make him want to deviate so far from the red, yellow and blue Superman that we know and love? Do you think this was a version of the character from a specific part of the movie or was he just going insane?

Source: Comic Book Movie and Collider