'The Last House On The Left' Remake Director To Make 'The Demonologists'

Briefly: As horror remakes go, The Last House on the Left, directed by Dennis Iliadis, was better than most. So let's see what happens with his next picture, which may well be The Demonologists, written by Ghost Whisperer writer Teddy Tenenbaum. Joel Silver's production company is producing.

The script is about "a family of veteran ghost hunters who get more than they bargained for when they are called in to face what they soon realize is not a routine ghost job but a demon infestation." Which sounds rather like a different perspective on Paranormal Activity. But, frankly, any perspective on Paranormal Activity that doesn't ask me to watch Micah is OK with me. And if the script has a few good ideas and the movie has budget enough to be Poltergeist with demons, that might be just fine. [LAT]