First Look: Amanda Seyfried And Justin Timberlake In Andrew Niccol's Latest Sci-Fi Film

NO PHOTOSAndrew Niccol's next film, formerly called I'm.mortal and possibly now titled Now (hopefully not — Now isn't much better) is shooting, erm, now. The first pics have been snapped by roving photographers, as we can see Amanda Seyfried playing against image in a red bob and Justin Timberlake with his head shaved, looking vaguely like an action hero. A couple more images are after the jump.In keeping with his general aesthetic sensibility, the world these characters seem to inhabit doesn't look any different from our own, but that's always one of the better, safer ways to go about making a sci-fi picture. (Times like these, I think of Godard's Alphaville, a film that represents then-modern Paris, but still feels completely out of touch with any recognizable reality.) Gattaca didn't look outlandishly 'sci-fi' though there was some post-production work and color tweaking that gave it a unique look. Since these are essentially paparazzi photos, they shouldn't be taken as representative of what the film will actually look like when processed and color corrected.

Justin Timberlake is Will, a "rebel from the ghetto" accused of murdering a wealthy man for the time he owns. He takes a girl hostage () and goes on the run, battling against the young-looking society that enforces time as currency. Chasing them are Cillian Murphy and Collins Pennie. Olivia Wilde plays Justin Timberlake's mother, Vincent Kartheiser plays Amanda Seyfried's father, and Johnny Galecki is the alcoholic best friend of Timberlake's character.

[images via JustJared and The Daily Mail]