Rumor Control: Robert Zemeckis Says 'Yellow Submarine' Is Still A Go

Briefly: A week ago there was a rumor that the Robert Zemeckis 3D remake of Yellow Submarine was dead. The source was actor David Tennant, who said on a UK talk show that he had been up for a part as a Blue Meanie. His comments about not getting the part led to speculation that the film was dead altogether.

But Yellow Submarine is alive and well, says Robert Zemeckis. While on the red carpet for the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future he told Moviefone the film is "all ahead full." Accept his slightly awkward phrasing there, and walk away with the spirit of his statement intact. Unless you think a mocapped 3D Yellow Submarine is super weird and slightly counter to the idea of the original film, in which case you'll just have to live with the situation.

We've heard the film would shoot in April of next year, and the cast is as follows: Cary Elwes (George Harrison), (John Lennon), (Paul McCartney)and (Ringo Starr) are the quartet of 'new' Beatles. (Remember that in the original film the Beatles didn't even voice their own characters, except in a few segments.)