Jack Black, Matt Dillon, And Renee Zellweger Attached To 'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner's 'You Are Here'

We're mere days removed from the season four finale of Mad Men and show creator Matthew Weiner is already getting busy – but not with Don Draper. Word is that his directorial debut film, You Are Here (not to be confused with I'm Still Here or I'm Not There), is once again ramping up production with Jack Black, Matt Dillon and Renee Zellweger all attached to star. There's also reportedly an offer out to Rachel McAdams. After the jump, we'll tell you what the film is all about and more.

Pajiba exclusively broke news of the casting and plot details.

It's about about two roommates in their 30s, preoccupied with dodging the responsibilities and rigors of adult life. That is, until the sudden death of one of the men's fathers, which makes his unstable son the new owner of a general store, a country home and millions of dollars worth of Amish farmland.

Word is the role of the heir, an "unemployable, paranoid, pot-head" is the one Black would take while Zellweger would play his stuck up, jealous sister. The roommate, possibly played by Dillon, is "a skirt-chasing weatherman, who drinks, smokes pot, and objectifies women" and the potential McAdams role is "the widow of the father, a younger bohemian type with which both men begin to fall in love."

Originally, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Jennifer Aniston were attached to star in the film. I feel like Cooper is a better fit than Dillon for the roommate role, however, Cooper has certainly played that role out in The Hangover, The A-Team and more. Black and Galifianakis each sound like solid choices for the heir character but – again – both feel like typecasting. The Oscar winner Zellweger, however, is a huge upgrade over Aniston. So, in the end, I think Weiner comes out on top here. Hopefully he can shoot and edit this nice and easy then get back to work on Mad Men season 5. Really, Don? Megan over Faye?

What do you think? Does this sound like a film that appeals to you?